HP Printer Assistant

HP Printer Assistant is printing software that helps you to set up printer, monitor ink levels, order supplies automatically, scan documents, and do a lot of other printing related jobs. In short, it manages your printer, eases up your work, and keeps your printer run like new forever. To get it, you don’t need to put any extra effort as the software gets installed automatically with your HP printer drivers.

To check and open the software on your computer system, double-click the printer icon on the desktop, click theSearch icon and then enter your specific printer name or model number. From the search results, click your specific HP printer and this will open the Printer Assistant. In case, if you don’t find it there, then make sure that you have downloaded full-featured drivers.

How to download full-featured drivers for your particular HP Printer?

(Please note that the HP Printer Assistant is now available for Mac computer system. Users can install HP Utility that has similar features and tools)

Before you begin to download and install HP printer drivers, make sure your system meets all the specifications required. Moreover, there should not be any other printer driver installed on your device. The third point to consider is that your system should have enough storage space to accommodate the driver download and installation.

Once you verify these points, follow the below-given instructions to start downloading and installing the HP printer drivers:

  1.  Switch on your printer and computer system
  2. Go to HP Customer Support- Software and Driver Downloads section
  3. Now, you will see a page saying “Let’s identify your product to get started”
  4. Select Printer and enter your specific HP printer model number
  5. Hit the Submit button
  6. HP website will automatically detect your default operating system. If it doesn’t or selects the incorrect OS version, click the Change button, choose the operating system, and then hit the Change button.
  7. Hit the Download button available under Driver section
  8. This will begin the installation process. Choose Typical or Recommended to decide the type of installation.
  9. Wait until the process finishes!

In case, if you have already been using the HP Printer Assistant software, but unable open it after upgrading the Windows operating system, then try out the following fixes:

  1. If you see “Connect a new printer rather than the HP Printer Assistant
    After upgrading Windows to a higher version, if you are asked to connect a new printer. To fix this out, set up the printer connection again. For this, reconnect the printer, uninstall any HP printer software, and then reinstall the printer drivers by following the aforementioned download and installation instructions. Now, restart your computer system and then try to access this printer management software.
  2. If you see “Select a printer window display rather than the HP Printer Assistant”
    To fix this issue, remove the printer from the list of connected devices. Now, connect the printer in the HP Printer Assistant and make it default printer. Now, restart both the computer system and the printer to check whether the issue has been resolved or not.
    For further information about the HP Printer Assistant, its working, features, and more, contact the HP Support team. A certified and experienced technician will provide you immediate assistance.

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